The ultimate guide to social media customer service for automotive brands

Automotive companies have been early adopters of social media, often using it to promote their brands through these channels. But has your company realised the full potential of social media as a vehicle for customer service?

Did You Know?

  • 71% of consumers who have had a positive social media customer service experience are likely to recommend the brand to others
  • Customers expect an answer to a social media request within 30 minutes
  • But in the automotive sector, customers have to wait up to 48 hours on average for a response
  • And often the answer doesn’t contain all the information they need!

This ultimate guide provides tips and strategies to help you fine tune your customer service via social media to improve the customer experience, maximise brand loyalty and grow market share. It includes:

  • The latest data on social media activity in the automotive sector
  • Real-life scenarios showing how brands can respond to customer service enquiries via social media in the right way
  • Ten key tips to get your social media customer service motoring
  • A case study about our work with Groupe Renault

Don’t get left in the slow lane when it comes to customer service on social media!

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