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Why communication is vital to successful transformation

Our Intelligent Automation Practice Lead, Mike Stewart, spoke to The Business Desk about the importance of communication for embracing digital disruption, rather than fearing it, in order for organisations implementing new technologies and ways of working to be successful.


The agency model: What’s the key to success?

Colin Gittens, our Director of Operations, spoke alongside changemaker to AM Online about how the agency model is inevitable in the automotive industry. They discussed how it’s not a matter of if traditional OEMs join in, but when; why we’re starting to see this shift now and what the key ingredients for success are.


Celebrating Pride Month 2023 at Arvato CRM Solutions

For Pride Month 2023, we reached out to our entire workforce to get a feel for how they’d like to celebrate and acknowledge Pride this year. Our main aims were to educate, raise awareness, and promote inclusivity in the best way we can – and that’s exactly what we did.