Streamline My Back Office To Do More For Less

Streamline My Back Office To Do More For Less

Amidst growing competition, economic uncertainty and budget cuts, organisations are facing greater pressure to increase their productivity and profitability. As a result, many companies are looking to transform and streamline processes in the back office, as a way of improving efficiency and saving costs. But doing so without the right people, experience and technological capabilities can often lead to costly expenditure without real improvement.

We work with clients to consolidate, streamline and automate their back office HR, payroll, finance and procurement functions. One way we do this is through shared services. Our award-winning centre, which is accredited to the same level as government, is already providing standardised services for the Department for Transport (DfT) and its family of executive agencies for the first time in the department’s history.

We also develop innovation solutions, driven by operational service reviews, which deliver real transformation through redesigning services, providing new ways of working and implementing emerging technologies.

Your Challenges. Our Solutions.

Efficiency Gains

With many back office service reviews, businesses struggle to deliver significant efficiency gains. Our cross-sector expertise and cutting edge technology solutions enable us to optimise your processes and deliver significant cost savings.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation can be daunting. We work with you to understand your strategic objectives and operations in detail, before finding the right technology solutions to meet your needs and create an integrated customer journey.

Shared Services

Implementing shared services can be challenging. Our approach ensures buy-in and governance, while our solutions help you become more efficient by standardising systems and processes, and benefiting from economies of scale.

Optimising Processes To Cut Costs

Deploying automation, AI and augmentation technologies can create efficiencies and reduce costs. We help you choose the right solution, freeing up your employees to focus on tasks that need a human touch.

Secure Data Management

Data security is essential. Our team of highly skilled specialists provide you with bespoke solutions and consultancy to develop your cyber defense capabilities and ensure you are legally compliant.


Per cent first contact resolutions through our shared services centre


Central government users supported through our shared service centre


Pound to 20 pence reduced cost per transaction using robotic process automation


Invoices managed accurately every year, worth 20bn

Our Services. Your Way.

Arvato’s consultancy and business process outsourcing services, and cloud based enterprise resource planning and automation solutions, enable businesses to maximise their back office efficiency and deliver the support they need to customer facing staff.

Shared Services

Shared services are at the heart of our approach to driving back office efficiencies. We help you to migrate and standardise processes across multiple departments to improve your service quality, cuts costs and benefit from economies of scale

Human Resources

HR is not just about administration – it should contribute strategically and operationally to organisational performance. Every organisation’s needs are different, so our services are delivered by HR practitioners and structured flexibly, to adapt to your changing requirements.

Cloud-Based ERP

Our cloud-based ERP takes multiple back office systems and integrates them on one easily accessible platform. Standardising your core back office processes in this way is key to optimising workflows, increasing efficiencies and cutting costs.

Automation, AI & Agent Augmentation

Whether it is deploying our ProcessAutomate RPA solution or chatbots to provide quick answers, we have the tools to automate and transform your processes. We also use AI and analytics to enhance your employee’s capabilities


We are trusted to handle procurement processes for UK government departments. We can help you source and purchase goods, keeping inventory costs low while maintaining a flexible supply chain.

Finance & Payroll

We help businesses optimise all aspects of their finance functions, from risk management, invoicing and payment processing, to payroll, to collections. We help safeguard payment flows during every stage of your customer lifecycle.

Certified Provider Of Application Management

Man smiles into distance

We are one of only two organisations in the UK to be certified as an application managed services (AMS) provider by the software vendor SAP. This recognises our high performance in platform implementation, quality management, service levels and security.

Who we work with

We have an open, honest and collaborative partnership with Arvato, with the clear goal of using shared services to not just deliver cost savings, but to help our employees focus on delivering excellent services to the public.

Spokesperson at Department for Transport

Our Industry Insights

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