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UK Quarterly Outsourcing Index

Welcome to Arvato’s UK Quarterly Outsourcing Index – a market research initiative designed to analyse and document outsourcing activity in the UK. We believe that our research will help shine a light on the contribution outsourcing makes to the UK economy – from the millions of jobs it sustains to the technical innovations it helps launch and the cost savings it delivers for a large number of organisations, public and private. The Arvato UK Quarterly Outsourcing Index is compiled in partnership with leading BPO and IT outsourcing research and analysis firm Nelson Hall. The research is based on an analysis of outsourcing contracts completed each quarter.

Q3 2019

Government contracts push UK outsourcing market to a 12-month high

Other key findings from Q3 2019 include:

  • Contracts valued at £1.61 billion were signed in Q3, the highest quarterly spend since the same quarter in 2018
  • Government organisations were behind the rise, signing contracts worth £1.3 billion over the three-month period, compared with £489 million in Q2
  • Private sector agreed outsourcing deals worth £307 million in Q3, down from £449 million in the previous quarter
  • Manufacturing firms were the most active buyers in the private sector, signing contracts worth £174 million
  • Across both the public and private sectors, ITO deals worth £919 million were agreed in Q3, accounting for 57 per cent of the total UK outsourcing market

Q2 2019

Increased government spending sees UK outsourcing market rebound in Q2

Other key findings from Q2 2019 include:

  • The total value of deals agreed in the public sector reached £489 million in Q2 compared with £51 million in Q1
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO) contracts accounted for 98 per cent of government spending in the quarter
  • 88 per cent of public sector deals were first generation outsourcing contracts
  • Energy and utilities firms were the most active buyers in the private sector, accounting for agreements worth £284 million
  • The total value of deals signed in the UK in the first half of 2019 reached £1.64 billion

Q1 2019

Private sector dominates UK outsourcing market in Q1 2019

Other key findings from Q1 2019 include:

  • Private sector accounted for 93 per cent of total spend in the UK outsourcing market in Q1
  • Customer service was the most popular contract type among businesses, accounting for a third of all deals signed in the private sector
  • Energy and utilities firms were the most active buyers of customer services, accounting for 60 per cent of deals
  • Public sector spend fell year-on-year, with government organisations procuring contracts worth £51 million
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2018 full year report

Government outsourcing spend reaches highest level since 2015

Other key findings from the 2018 full year review include:

  • The total value of government deals increased by 61 per cent year-on-year in 2018, climbing from £1.8 billion in the previous year
  • Investment in IT and technology accounted for 68 per cent of the total public sector spend, with deals worth £2 billion
  • Overall, 148 contracts were procured across the public and private sectors in 2018 – the highest volume for two years – with a total value of £5.8 billion
  • Customer services dominated the business process outsourcing (BPO) market, accounting for 43 per cent of all deals signed
  • The value of contracts signed by retailers more than trebled over the period, reaching £339 million last year

Q3 2018

Government outsourcing records strongest quarter since 2016 as UK market rebounds

Other key findings from Q3 2018 include:

  • IT outsourcing (ITO) contracts accounted for 90 per cent of total public sector deal value (£1.27 billion) over the period
  • Central departments dominated the spending, signing ITO deals worth £1.26 billion between July and September
  • The overall value of outsourcing deals signed in the UK market reached £2.93 billion in Q3 2018, an 18-month high
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO) spending in the private sector more than quadrupled year-on-year in Q3, reaching £1.33 billion

Q2 2018

Government outsourcing bounces back despite overall UK market softening

Other key findings from Q2 2018 include:

  • Outsourcing contracts worth £2.61 billion were signed in the UK
    between January and June
  • IT Outsourcing (ITO) deals accounted for more than three quarters
    (79 per cent) of government spend from January to June
  • Central departments were the key drivers of public sector activity over the period, signing agreements worth £921 million
  • Financial services was the highest spending UK sector on outsourcing, agreeing deals worth £1.66 billion over the period

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