Arvato named to List of World’s Best Outsourcing Providers by IAOP
02 Feb

Could a robot run a council?

At a time when councils are facing unprecedented financial pressures, the development of new robotics technology has the potential to help, according to participants in a roundtable debate convened by the NLGN and business process outsourcing firm Arvato.

10 Jan

Cognitive technology will revolutionise customer services

Disruptive technologies continuously provide society with the opportunity to unlock new potential. Cognitive systems that can autonomously collect, analyse and action data will be at the forefront of the next wave of change, transforming the way brands do business and speak to their customers.

05 Jan

Parham Saebi explores how virtual reality will change the way contact centre agents are trained

Expert opinion from Parham Saebi, Head of Client Relations, CRM Solutions, Arvato UK & Ireland has been featured on Contact Centres discussing how virtual reality is set to revolutionise contact centre training. Parham explained that by completely disconnecting trainees from the outside world, virtual reality can provide an immersive training experience which can be particularly..