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Business Process Outsourcing One Solution To Support The Ongoing Challenge To “Do More With Less”

Local government organisations are being faced with shrinking budgets, meaning they must find new ways to make cost savings. Transforming services, including streamlining and standardising back-office processes is crucial in order to enhance efficiency and deliver better services to citizens. This step up in performance is badly needed at a time when state benefit reforms are increasing the volume and complexity of residents’ queries, and when new legislation heightens the focus on secure information management.

In this climate, a growing number of councils are turning to innovative automation technology, transformation and cyber security consultancy, and shared services models for the solutions they need, so that they can put resources where they are really needed. Unlike other solution providers, we are part of Bertelsmann that is majority owned by not-for-profit organisations, allowing us to take a long-term view of our partnerships and invest back into local communities.

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Budget Cuts: Doing More With Less

Major cuts mean councils are left attempting to do more with fewer resources. Our business process outsourcing and automation solutions help them to optimise how they serve residents to free up employees to focus on more complex work.

Digital Transformation

Local government is rapidly eliminating paper-based processes, shifting transactions and staff processes online. Our back-office experience in implementing new technologies means you are in safe hands to realise efficiencies and deliver seamless services.

High Level Security & Data Management

With the new GDPR rules around information management, many local government organisations are calling on our experience in handling residents’ and businesses’ data to ensure full compliance and to bolster their security standards.

Process Optimisation & Efficiencies

A vital route to savings is through optimising individual processes. Our ProcessAutomate RPA solution, enables councils to make each transaction more efficient, by streamlining and automating repetitive, labour-intensive back office tasks.

Freeing Up Employees

Limited resources, combined with tougher demands, means each council employee has to maximise their productivity. Automation and shared services help take away manual tasks or standardise processes to enable staff to focus on value-added activities.


Pound to 20 pence reduced cost per direct debit process using RPA


Million boost to annual revenue collections through self-serve kiosks


Per cent KPI’s hit since start of partnership with Slough Borough Council


Apprenticeships created since 2012

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We partner with numerous local government organisations to transform their back-office and customer services to help them create efficiencies and prepare for the future.

Customer Service For Local Government

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We provide multi-channel customer service support for local resident and business enquiries. We save councils money and improve performance through back-office outsourcing, automation and self-service.

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Digital Outcomes And Specialists & G-Cloud Framework

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We offer effective digital transformation under these two frameworks, government approved marketplaces of technology suppliers. We are a certified provider of SAP application management services to help design, implement and optimise key systems.

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Business Process Services

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At Arvato, we provide HR, payroll, finance, procurement, revenues and benefits, logistics, print and fulfilment and IT services to help local government bodies improve efficiency across all their key processes.

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Shared Services

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Our award-winning shared services centre enables public sector partners to outsource their back-office functions. Designed for government entities, we provide standardised systems and processes that enable them to access major new efficiencies through economies of scale.

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Cloud-Based ERP

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Local government bodies count on our cloud-based enterprise resource planning to manage their key activities effectively, without the need for complex on-premise installation and with the ability to work easily across multiple council-approved locations.

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Cyber Security

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Councils are under pressure to deliver outstanding security around their IT systems and citizens’ data. We are accredited to same level of security as Government, with ISO27001, ISO20000, Cyber Essentials Plus, HMG PGA accreditations.

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Automation & Agent Augmentation

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Local authorities are using our ProcessAutomate RPA solution to automate repetitive tasks and free staff time for more value added tasks. Meanwhile, agent augmentation helps these employees work in an optimised manner and chatbots are increasingly used to answer simple online queries.

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Improving Public Sector Services Through Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Who we work with

The cultural fit between the council and Arvato was underpinned by a feeling of mutual interest. We had a strong sense of being an important component in Arvato’s portfolio and that Arvato would invest with us in creating a best-practice model for district councils.

Huw Bowen, Chief Executive at Chesterfield Borough Council

Our Industry Insights

Driving transformation through automation in the public sector

Our whitepaper explores the difference RPA can make, outlining the multiple benefits that can be achieved, the services that are suitable for deployment and the best practice models for implementation. It also provides real-life examples of how automation is already working in the public sector.

Five key steps to make shared services a success

Our experts discuss our successful shared services operation with the Department for Transport and look at the five key steps organisations should consider for future programmes.

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