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Arvato partners with Retail Week for new industry report ‘CX Decoded: How the UK’s top multi-channel retailers are investing to win consumer spend’

We’ve partnered with Retail Week, one of the most trusted sources of business intelligence for the retail sector, to speak to some of the industry’s top experts about the future of customer service in our new report ‘CX decoded: How the UK’s top multichannel retailers are investing to win consumer spend’.

As the UK stares into the jaws of the deepest recession on record, we’ve interviewed directors from established, multichannel retail brands QVC, Hotel Chocolat, Waterstones, Kingfisher and Seasalt to ask what does the new consumer look like? How are retailers driving them to spend? And what part does CX play in winning loyalty? This report uncovers:

  • Which technologies to invest in to futureproof digital operations without breaking the bank
  • What the future of in-store shopping is going to look like
  • Who the top 30 multichannel retailers are
  • What your customer experience roadmap needs to look like

The quintet also gives their take on what the future face of customer experience could look like – from the role of customer service agents in stores and contact centres working in tandem, to the complementary role automation could come to have.

David Morton, Sales and Solutions Director, Arvato CRM Solutions, said, “Customer experience, positive brand engagement and, increasingly, brand loyalty have now taken on a new level of importance. The retail industry is going through a significant period of transformation. Online-only retailers have flourished and those with primarily bricks-and-mortar models have had to adapt to focus on digital sales.

“As competition intensifies for consumer attention, customer experience has become a key differentiator. With face-to-face, in-store interactions unlikely to climb to the levels we saw at the beginning of 2020 in the short to medium term, leveraging the right data to provide a personalised, seamless, channel-agnostic experience and developing a long-term roadmap to transform your customer service operations is vital.”

You can download the new report here.



Arvato achieves Cyber Essentials accreditation for commitment to cyber security

We have been awarded the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials certification for our Corporate IT and Contact Centre Support Services, following an independent assessment.

The standard assesses against the security controls linked with many common cyber-attacks on organisations, including secure configuration, malware protection, patch management, access control, boundary firewalls and internet gateways.

Cyber Essentials is conducted through completing an assessment of the organisation’s security posture against the standard’s requirements, with these responses verified by an independent qualified assessor.

We hold and maintain this certification as it is a mandatory level of assurance required for supporting Government services and it also demonstrates to our clients and prospects that we take cybersecurity seriously.

David Thomas, IT Director at Arvato CRM Solutions said: “Achieving the Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates our commitment to the security of our technical solutions to both new and existing clients. The team remains committed to delivering IT solutions that are secure and resilient by design and in accordance with industry good practice, to mitigate the risk of cyber threats.”

You can find out more about the Cyber Essentials accreditation here.


What’s in store for retail? Arvato speaks to top experts from Mamas and Papas, Benefit Cosmetics, Lloyds Bank and more to find out…

Following on from our Retail Week report, we’ve been speaking to more of retail’s top industry experts about what’s happening to the high street, what the future of customer service will look like and how brands are developing – everything from virtual personal shopping and redefining physical stores, to livestream e-commerce and subscription or leasing products.

In our new ‘What’s in store for retail?’ report, we share exclusive commentary from five of the industry’s leading lights; Mamas and Papas, Benefit Cosmetics, Lloyds Bank, QuantSpark and UK Contact Centre Forum (UKCCF).

Did you know that…?

  • More than a quarter of total retail sales were made online in December 2020 (ONS 2020)
  • 25% of consumers said they had tried new online retailers because of the lockdown and intend to continue to shop with them thanks to the good experience they’ve had (PFS Commerce 2020)

However, rather than slowly declining into irrelevancy, our experts believe that physical stores will start taking on a new vital role in the customer purchasing journey:

“Since the pandemic hit, many have re-purposed their physical stores as click-and-collect hubs. Research shows that eight in ten people plan to continue using the new channels they’ve become accustomed to.” Debra Maxwell, CEO of Arvato CRM Solutions

“Whether it’s storytelling around the brand’s environmental and social value credentials, the sustainability of their products, or networking and influencer presence, the physical store presents a significant opportunity to focus on positive interactions with customers.” Aled Patchett, Head of Retail and Consumer Goods at Lloyds Bank

The experts also highlighted the importance of adapting the customer experience model and using technology that supports this, to meet customers’ changing demands and preferences:

“We’re looking at an augmented reality platform that will allow customers to see how our furniture pieces would fit and look in their own home –something that simply viewing the piece in store doesn’t deliver.” Alex Holt, Brand Marketing Director at Mamas & Papas

“[Beyond the pandemic] retailers have to future-proof for an accelerated digital transformation and the higher expectations that now come from the consumer. In time, the personalisation piece will transform everything about online customer interactions.” Luke Schönenberger, Senior Ecommerce Manager at Benefit Cosmetics

You can download the report here and read more on the topic at – www.arvato.co.uk/arvatotalks

Proof Points

We handle over 5 million multi-channel customer interactions across our private and public sector partnerships annually

Our robotic process automation (RPA) solution for Fremantle has cut the time required to produce hedge analysis and monthly producer share reports by 82% and 99% retrospectively, saving over 300 hours per year in manual processing 

Our customer service team supported nearly half a million customer enquiries, across 13 countries for a leading high street retailer over the Black Friday and Winter sale period

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