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Financial Services Companies Harness Tech To Build Customer Loyalty And Trust

The financial services industry is being transformed by a range of innovative fast-paced Fintech players. From blockchain to peer-to-peer lending, from automated claims processing to personal finance aps, disruption is everywhere. At the same time, an increasingly stringent regulatory environment is placing constraints on how they operate.

In this context, banks and insurers are focusing heavily on customer experience as a way of staving off the threat of the new wave of competitors. Not only does this entail providing a premium digital experience across all channels, but also a trusted and reliable customer service provision that meets and even exceeds the needs of individual and business clients.

Arvato’s digital know-how, coupled with our extensive experience in customer service, helps financial service companies stay ahead of the curve, drive growth and deliver new efficiencies. With our FCA accreditation and deep knowledge of regulatory requirements we are an ideal provider within this space.

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Building & Retaining Trust

For banking companies and insurance companies, establishing direct dialogue with the customer is vital to create trust. Firms turn to Arvato to help them communicate more effectively across channels to create a seamless experience.

Understand Each Customer

Financial services companies need to understand customers to provide the right levels of support or proactively reach out with offers. Our analytics solutions open up access to a world of customer insights, enabling personalisation and empowering cross- and up-selling.

Operating In Multiple Geographies

For banks and insurers expanding into new markets, serving customers in additional languages can be a challenge. Our multi-lingual customer service hubs can provide multi-channel support in all major languages.

Regulatory Compliance

Whether its GDPR, PSD2 or MIFID II there are a whole raft of regulations that have to be adhered to. Our experience in this area ensures our clients remain compliant at all stages of the customer service journey.

Legacy Systems

Old mainframes can create problems when launching new technologies. Our solutions, with intelligent integration layers can rely on existing infrastructures to take data straight from the source systems, so a quick deployment with no need for re-platforming.




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At Arvato, we understand your requirement to build loyalty through excellent customer service. We can help you by using our expertise in solving each of your core challenges.

Multilingual Support

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We enable businesses to provide high quality customer service across the countries they operate in.  What’s more these resources can be scaled up or down to meet peaks and troughs in demand.

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Financial Customer Service

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Our services allow financial services companies to provide a premium customer experience across all channels, including in-person, online, via mobile apps or by phone – establishing and building trust.

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Proactive Social Media & Community Management

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Did you know customers expect responses to social media requests within 30 minutes? We enable businesses to stay on top of online discussions, and respond quickly to enquiries and complaints, and shape these conversations.

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Single View Of The Customer

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Our 360-degree view of the customer solution allows companies to centralise customer data, regardless of touch points or online versus in-store, to deliver powerful personalisation and cross-selling/upselling opportunities.

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Self-Serve Platforms

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Whether it’s agreeing a loan or getting a quote on car insurance, what once required an in-person meeting can now be completed online. Our automation-powered platforms enable your customers to easily find products and answer queries themselves.

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Full Security & Compliance

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There are strict security and compliance requirements across the industry. Our technology, FCA accreditation and deep experience of cyber security, privacy and compliance means banks and their customers are fully protected.

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