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CX decoded

How the UK’s top multichannel retailers are investing to win consumer spend

As the UK stares into the jaws of the deepest recession on record, we’ve partnered with Retail Week to speak to the directors behind five established multichannel retail brands to look beyond the pandemic and tackle the big questions about the future consumer.

What does the new consumer look like? How are retailers driving them to spend? And what part does CX play in winning their loyalty?

This report uncovers:

  • Which technologies to invest in to futureproof digital operations without breaking the bank
  • What the future of in-store shopping is going to look like
  • Who the top 30 multichannel retailers are
  • What your customer experience roadmap needs to look like

Read exclusive interviews with:

  • Will Charnley, Omnichannel Director, Seasalt
  • Lysa Hardy, Board Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Hotel Chocolat
  • Beccy Preece, Logistics Director, Waterstones
  • Sienne Veit, Group Digital Product and Platform Director, Kingfisher
  • James Keegan, Vice President Customer Service and Experience, QVC International

The quintet also gave their take on what the future face of customer experience could look like – from the role of customer service agents in stores and contact centres working in tandem to the complementary role automation could come to have.

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