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  • arvato designed, implemented and manages Europe's leading frequent flyer programme

  • We created an innovative rewards shop for Emirates Airlines covering 60 countries

  • During the travel chaos caused by the volcanic ash cloud, we recruited 200 full time customer service agents within four weeks for a leading airline

  • We attracted 10,000 new members for CTC, the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation, in 2010, including recruiting 3.5 times the forecasted figure for lapsed members

  • “arvato used its industry expertise and global network to put every stage of our membership campaign into action,” Nigel Villiers, Harley Owners Group

travel and transport

The long term trend in the travel and transport sector is one of growth - more people travelling more often. According to the Office of National Statistics in 2010, UK residents made 69 million overseas visits in 2008, up from 18 million in 1980. However, cost, convenience and environmental concerns will continue to challenge this growth.

  • Consumers have indicated that they will make significantly fewer leisure trips in 2011 compared to 2010, due to continued economic uncertainty in the market, and customer loyalty will only be maintained as long as prices remain competitive
  • Business travel is improving and there are signs that the UK travel industry has become more stable following recent falls in the number of trips to and from the country
  • Environmental concerns continue to be an issue for travel and transport companies with consumers and businesses demanding ‘greener’ travel options
  • The rise of social media will continue in 2011 with nearly three-quarters of consumers ranking TripAdvisor as the source of information most likely to influence a consumer when choosing a hotel

our experience in travel and transport

Internationally, arvato works for nearly 20 of the world’s largest airlines, and we have partnerships with travel and transport-related companies, such as H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) and Renault.

We know speed and flexibility are key, having ramped-up over 200 full-time customer service agents in a four-week period for one of the world’s leading budget airlines.