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  • We increased Gumtree UK's customer satisfaction to reach more than 80% consistently


The retail sector faces significant challenges, driven by fluctuating consumer confidence and significant changes in spending habits and shopping methods.

  • Growth in sales is difficult, forcing retailers to focus on customer retention, brand loyalty and improvements in margins
  • Successes in e-commerce can be delivered with advanced and aligned business processes  that ensure a seamless customer experience
  • In the global environment online, brands need to be flexible and appreciate local cultures, customs and languages in order to meet customer expectations
  • Mobile-commerce and social-commerce offer potential but only for those retailers who understand these technologies and how their customers use them

our experience of the retail sector

We work for more than 40 large retailers across the world and our ability to connect different business processes puts us in an ideal position to help companies in this intensively competitive sector.

From loyalty programmes and customer services, to finance services and supply chain efficiencies, arvato can help retailers adapt and thrive in today’s economy.