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  • arvato has annual revenues of €4.4bn contributing over a quarter of the Bertelsmann group annual revenues of €16.4bn

  • “Our new customer service centre enables us to deliver a far better service to our customers… now customers only have to visit one place to find all the help and advice they want.” Councillor Sharon Blank, Executive Member for Customers and Communities, Chesterfield Borough Council

  • We support more than 700,000 citizens in the UK through partnerships with councils in Sefton, Chesterfield, Slough and Derbyshire Dales

  • More than 80% of the capital shares in Bertelsmann are held by non-profit foundations

local government

Local authorities are reorganising services and delivery methods to deal with the budget cuts. Job losses are being experienced and more are expected - the Local Government Association predicts 140,000 over the next four years - while investment in capital projects is also set to fall significantly.

On a more positive note, the localism bill plans to allow councils more freedom over spending and give citizens a bigger say, including the rights to buy community assets, to question how services are run and even to take them over within the community.

Local authorities are increasingly looking to public-private partnerships to deliver a range of benefits, not just cost savings and service improvements but innovation, investment, risk sharing and regeneration, as well as new service delivery models.

delivering on promises

arvato has entered into long-term strategic public-private partnership with a number of innovative councils to deliver Customer Services, Revenues and Benefits Services, HR and ICT services.

We have successfully TUPE transferred more than 1000 employees over the last few years and established our signature culture of private sector efficiency combined with a public sector ethos.

Each partnership is designed around the local authority’s needs. Dedicated operational teams are created which are not shared with other clients to maintain the knowledge and loyalty of the employees transferred.

Our case studies about working in partnership with councils in Sefton, Chesterfield and Slough demonstrate how arvato is able to adopt different but equally successful approaches to strategic partnering.