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  • Credit Solutions, an arvato company, was recently awarded a 4 year contract with the Department for Work and Pensions

  • arvato has annual revenues of €5.1bn contributing nearly a third of the Bertelsmann group annual revenues of €15.8bn

  • “Since 2005, arvato has demonstrated that it is possible for partners to provide a seamless, customer-focused service, across organisational boundaries, for local people.” Councillor Stephen Parnaby, Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council

  • More than 80% of the capital shares in Bertelsmann are held by non-profit foundations

central government

The government is pressing ahead with a reform of public services aimed at delivering a more equitable and efficient system. The White Paper 'Open Public Services' presents a number of challenges and opportunities:

  • Empowering communities, giving people more power to take decisions and increasing local control of public finances
  • Diversifying how public services are provided, enabling charities, mutuals, social enterprises and the private sector to compete in offering high quality services
  • Opening up government to public scrutiny and strengthening local accountability, using the freeing up of public data to realise the growth of new information-based enterprises
  • Employing e-government technologies to help create efficiency savings and transform service delivery channels
The achievement of these policy ambitions will require organisations to work together, sharing resources and pooling buying power to secure economies of scale. 

We are engaging with government to

  • explore innovative approaches to the shared services agenda
  • bring five decades of expertise in revenue collection to the ambitions set out in 'Open Public Services'
  • develop a new employee co-ownership model for outsourced services 

delivering on promises

arvato has been transforming our clients’ business for the last 50 years to help them realise efficiencies and improve services. Outsourcing of key administration, revenue collection, debt collection and customer service functions either in shared services or stand alone solutions have led to significant savings for our clients.

Our work with some of the world’s largest organisations across both public and private sectors, combined with our local, national and international infrastructure, means we have the capacity and experience to help our clients reduce costs and improve their customer experience.