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  • arvato has annual revenues of €5.1bn contributing nearly a third of the Bertelsmann group annual revenues of €15.8bn

  • “Since 2005, arvato has demonstrated that it is possible for partners to provide a seamless, customer-focused service, across organisational boundaries, for local people.” Councillor Stephen Parnaby, Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council

  • We support more than 700,000 citizens in the UK through our partnerships with East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Sefton Council and Chesterfield Borough Council

  • “We support more than 700,000 citizens in the UK through partnerships with councils in Sefton, Chesterfield, Slough and Derbyshire Dales”

public sector

delivering more for less

In the context of significant budget cuts and increasing scrutiny from citizens, the public sector remains focused on driving efficiencies and accountability while remaining customer-centric. To deal with the challenges posed by the Comprehensive Spending Review and changes in legislation public sector bodies are redesigning services, adopting new ways of working and making smarter use of ICT.

Key themes are:

  • Collaboration:  Increasingly, the public, voluntary and private sectors are coming together to build partnerships based on best practice in technology, processes and people, all combined with local expertise
  • Tailoring services: Citizens expect greater personalisation of services, consistent delivery and speedy resolution of issues. In response, organisations are developing greater consumer insight, re-training customer-facing staff and re-targeting services
  • Increasing transparency: Open and honest communication is a hot topic and the public sector is keen to provide more information on services, finances and procurement processes, and to involve citizens in decision making

a reliable partner with a unique public sector ethos

arvato is part of the Bertelsmann Group, a privately held company, which in turns is predominantly owned by non-profit foundations as ultimate shareholders. The Bertelsmann Stiftung is an independent, non-profit foundation which identifies social problem areas for which it develops and implements solutions. Its projects focus on education, economic and social affairs, health and international understanding.

Based on these roots we have developed our approach for the UK public sector, which combines our ethos with more than 50 years of  business process outsourcing experience delivering results for some of the world’s most respected brands, including Microsoft, Sony Music and Renault.

With the vast resources of the global arvato and Bertelsmann organisations behind us, we have the capacity and capability to manage any size and complexity of public sector contract - as our case studies for our public private partnerhips show.

Our core market is local government but we also provide an offering for central government and the health and education sectors.