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  • For our healthcare and pharmaceuticals clients, we provide sector-specific supply chain solutions, customer service contact centres, and back office outsourced and shared services covering HR, finance, ICT and procurement.

healthcare and pharmaceuticals

Balancing tightened budgets with the increasing costs of service provision is the key challenge in the healthcare sector. Combined with higher expectations and the impact of demographic changes, such as an ageing population, these factors are placing significant demands on every organisation in the sector.

  • Public and private sector healthcare providers are innovating to drive efficiencies, as well as enhance levels of service to maintain improvements in the health of the UK population.
  • A greater focus is being placed on prevention rather than cure, which means companies need to engage better with consumers. 
  • The government is overhauling the way the NHS and healthcare sector operates, with new structures, changing regulations and new commissioning arrangements encouraging greater involvement from both the private and third sectors.

our experience in the healthcare sector

arvato has specialist expertise working with the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, particularly in the complex areas of supply chain solutions, and as a business outsourcing partner for customer service contact centres and back office services.

We have extensive experience in supply chain logistics with major healthcare and pharmaceutical clients, who benefit from arvato’s economies of scale and shared best practice, as well as state-of-the-art cold chain facilities.

Our contact centre services include developing and managing a multi-channel educational and patient support service, designed to build strong relationships with health professionals by offering the opportunity to engage in dialogue about our clients’ products and services.

As a business outsourcing partner to public sector healthcare providers, we combine our expertise to provide high quality, innovative customer service, HR, finance, procurement, information and governance services to a range of healthcare providers.

With over 20 years’ NHS experience and expertise, we have a successful track record of enabling health sector organisations to establish best practice shared service operations and technology-enabled solutions that deliver service improvements and efficiencies across the organisation.