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arvato supply chain expert comments on 'safe place' delivery

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tony Matthews, Head of Ecommerce, Supply Chain Solutions at arvato UK & Ireland, has been invited by leading e-commerce platform imrg to discuss whether 'safe place' delivery is acceptable to the consumer in 2013.

"Safe place is popular with brands and carriers because it's a low-cost option, but consumers don't necessarily feel the same. The real problems occur when 'safe place' isn't actually all that safe," explains Matthew.

"In a market where retailers want perfect delivery at the cheapest price and consumers want convenience and security, the ultimate solution has to be choice. Providing a range of delivery options - preferably with different carriers - and backing it up with clear communication so customers' expectations are managed is the best way forward." 

Subscribers to imrg can read the full piece here.

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