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  • We have nearly 500 UK-based public sector clients, including local government, central government, public health and education organisations

  • arvato operates the first outsourced Independent Shared Service Centre (ISSC1) on behalf of the UK Government

  • We employ more than 1,000 people in our public sector teams across the country

  • We support more than 700,000 citizens in the UK through partnerships with councils in Sefton, Chesterfield, Slough and Derbyshire Dales

  • arvato has annual revenues of €4.4bn contributing over a quarter of the Bertelsmann group annual revenues of €16.4bn

public sector and citizen services

strategic partnerships

We have widespread experience in creating and sustaining long-term strategic partnerships with public sector bodies, which deliver service improvements whilst significantly cutting costs.

Our approach to public private partnerships is to develop a flexible agreement that uses best practice and encourages standardised ways of working while implementing a delivery model tailored to each client. This is supported by a collaborative working relationship with our clients, one which continues to strengthen over time.

We understand that the environment in which we live and work changes. Our concept of partnership is to face challenges alongside our clients and we understand that partnerships have to evolve to address fiscal challenges as well as the emergence of new delivery models.
Over time, we have established successful long-term partnerships with local government, secured ground-breaking shared services contracts with central government and delivered proven back office expertise to the health sector.


The diagram below illustrates the services arvato offers. If you would like to see a larger version please download the diagram as a printable PDF.