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  • arvato is trusted by many of the world's leading businesses to deliver their customer experiences

  • arvato provides innovative, multi-channel customer experience solutions

  • arvato consistently delivers positive commercial outcomes such as cost reduction, increased customer satisfaction and sales growth

  • arvato interacts with 150 million customers in 30 languages every year, making us a true leader in customer experience

enabling technologies

arvato provides world-class technology solutions that enable us to manage the ongoing interaction between brands and their customers through a wide range of communication channels including social media, web chat, email, SMS and phone.

bespoke technology solutions

Conceptual database graphicWe're trusted experts in the key areas of business process management (BPM), cloud computing, customer relationship management (CRM) and e-commerce, with expertise in many robust software solutions including Microsoft and SAP. We take a technology-agnostic approach, developing customised and innovative solutions that combine bespoke in-house development with ‘best of breed’ third party tools such as Zendesk, Aspect, Cognos, Synthesys and Noetica.

Our solutions enable us to integrate the many components of the customer experience, analyse and segment customer data, and deliver effective multi-channel conversations through tools such as web chat, video chat, co-browsing and proactive chat.

world-class technology capabilities

As part of Bertelsmann, we benefit from the Group’s strategic priority to shape tomorrow’s digital landscape.

Globally, arvato has seven ISO 27001 certified data centres, housing more than 4,500 servers with more than 2.5 peta byte online storage capacity, and 24/7 follow-the-sun capabilities. Our security and compliance procedures meet the highest international standards, and global technology leaders such as Microsoft, Google, EA, Dell and Hewlett-Packard trust arvato’s outsourced solutions.

Texaco Star Rewards membership cardWe’re experts in creating and implementing solutions that track and analyse customer interactions, such as the innovative bespoke loyalty platform that we've developed for Valero’s Texaco-branded Star Rewards programme, which processes over one million transactions per month.

In 2012 we were commended by Marketing magazine for our ‘impressive use of technology’.