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  • arvato is trusted by many of the world's leading businesses to deliver their customer experiences

  • arvato provides innovative, multi-channel customer experience solutions

  • arvato consistently delivers positive commercial outcomes such as cost reduction, increased customer satisfaction and sales growth

  • arvato interacts with 150 million customers in 30 languages every year, making us a true leader in customer experience

customer experience management

trusted to manage customer experiences

Effective management of the customer experience is vital to the success of brands, as customer expectations rise, communication channels multiply, and social media shifts the balance of power between brands and their customers. Research recently published in the Harvard Business Review shows that companies that boost customer retention by as little as 5% see increases in profits ranging from 25% to 95%.

arvato is trusted by many leading brands to manage the customer experience. We work with four of the world’s ten most valuable brands and four of the world’s five most innovative companies. Our role is to deliver on a brand’s promises by offering consistently high quality customer interactions across all channels.

We drive brand value by extending the customer lifecycle, working in partnership with brands to:

  • attract and win new customers
  • extend their engagement with existing customers
  • retain more customers at critical moments in the journey
  • inspire customer loyalty and advocacy

This chart illustrates the value we add to our clients' businesses.

Customer lifecycle: illustration of arvato added value

so much for the theory, what does this mean in practice?

We work on behalf of brands to deliver positive customer experiences that improve customer satisfaction, build trust and increase customer loyalty. Here are some examples of our recent work:

  • Our multi-lingual member services team provides Harley-Davidson customers in 90 countries with membership benefits that enhance enjoyment of their Harley.
  • Texaco customers collect points, redeem rewards and receive personalised offers via our Star Rewards loyalty platform.
  • A leading search engine’s customers experiencing problems have issues resolved and receive added-value optimisation advice from our team of specialists.
  • A leading deals engine’s customers resolve queries by contacting our multi-lingual, multi-channel customer service team.

The quality of customer experiences is of critical importance to our clients. We treat our client’s customers as our own, and work in partnership to develop flexible and professional outsourcing solutions that enable us to deliver on a brand's promise.

Click on to find out why we’re growing, winning awards and most importantly, delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients with our outsourcing solutions.