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transformation and change

To transform services successfully, an organisation’s culture, technology and people all have to support and enable the change. We work in partnership with our clients to transfer the necessary skills, knowledge, technical infrastructure, tools and techniques into the workplace. This helps ensure the transformation runs smoothly, from integrating services, to encouraging people to embrace change.

Our change management programme concentrates not only on process design but also on the ‘softer’ cultural aspects of change and involves the entire organisation, resulting in more engaged employees and a more successful outcome.

  • We restructured Sefton’s benefits department to focus on processing claims; running workshops with team leaders to identify improvements and holding training sessions with front-line staff to enhance understanding of their role
  • We transformed Renault’s demonstrator booking process, saving in excess of £1.7 million a year, while improving bookings by 12%

Create cost savings of at least 20% with our Lean Six Sigma training services