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measuring success

We measure our success through the success of our clients.

Our commitment is to build transparent and relevant service levels and performance targets into our contracts, so our clients remain informed and in complete control.

We are willing to work on a risk-reward basis, because we know our approach will deliver results.

We measure performance on an ongoing basis, using a range of tools and reporting mechanisms. This includes output measures like volume of calls or number of shipments and outcome measures such as customer satisfaction which is often the best measure of success.

  • We increased annual revenue per member for Harley Owners Group by 50% and improved customer satisfaction from 50% to 80%
  • At the Chesterfield partnership, we have agreed a 50:50 gain-share model with the Council, so both partners share equally in the risks and rewards
  • Residents in Slough are delighted with the new Service Direct benefits service – in feedback 100% said they were satisfied, while 92% said they were very satisfied.