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drive efficiency

As well as quick wins, often generated through up-front investment, clients want us to deliver long-term, sustainable savings through continual improvements.

We can look at our clients’ organisation holistically, bringing together front and back office solutions to achieve efficiencies.

Confronting the dilemma of saving money and maintaining or improving services, we streamline processes and develop flexible, scalable capability that delivers more for less.

  • We reduced costs for Renault by 30% and streamlined the company’s demonstrator booking process, saving in excess of £1.7 million a year, while improving bookings by 12%
  • For Universal Music, we improved the speed and accuracy of order compilation by over 15%, and increased the volume of products processed by goods inward by 30% 
  • In 2011-12, the partnership in Sefton delivered an additional £1.6m of contributions on top of the 10% day-one savings, including £600,000 ‘one-off’ savings, £500,000 in additional income and £500,000 of annual, sustainable savings